About Us

The Center for Pollution Prevention Program (C3P) is a consortium composed of two principal elements:

(1) ITB, Inc. providing engineering and technical support to accomplish Program/Project/Study Management, Analysis, and Integration;

(2) Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade (Institute of Welding and Quality) (ISQ), supporting the identification of pervasive needs and technology across Portugal and EU through the Framework Programs Innovative Research Center and providing potential alternative material technology identification and demonstration/validation testing;


C3P, through government, academic, small and medium enterprise associations, provides program/project advocacy, and needs and project participant identification.

Key operating elements of C3P are based upon a premise of centralized program/project management and decentralized project execution.  C3Pís coordinating activity functions include facilitation, analysis, coordination, management, and reporting.  C3Pís approach to project management and integration comprises a systematic, phased methodology for identification and execution of projects and a set of products resulting in successful project execution and qualification of less or non-hazardous materials and processes.  C3Pís project integration includes details of both technical and business concepts, and resource strategies to accomplish project activities.

C3P is recognized by Ministťrio do Ambiente de Portugal (Portuguese Ministry of Environment), and the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Director of Environmental Management, as per the Joint Statement Between NASA and the Portuguese Ministry of the Environment Regarding Cooperation in the Field of Environmental Pollution Prevention Matters signed on September 18, 2002.  The Joint Statement was established through C3Pís recognition of NASAís Acquisition Pollution Prevention (AP2) Program as a world-class organization that benchmarks identified shared needs and qualifies common solutions. This programís methodology has been successfully employed over the past 10 years, and was therefore adopted by C3P.  Through the tenets of the Terms of Reference (TOR), the opportunity exists to facilitate partnerships among U.S., Portuguese, and through C3P, EU government, industry, and other government agencies, with the purpose of identifying and integrating commercially available P2 solutions, practices, and procedures into effective manufacturing and maintenance processes and installations.

Last updated: 11/03/2014