The Centro Para Prevenção da Poluição (C3P)

and the

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)


C3P and NASA Technical Workshop



at Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Lisbon, Portugal

September 8 & 9, 2005

Hosting LEADOUT Project in Collaboration


On 8 & 9 September 2005, the Centro Para Prevenção da Poluição (C3P) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) hosted a technical workshop at the Universidade Católica in Lisbon, Portugal.  The two-day workshop provided an excellent forum to showcase innovative and emerging pollution prevention technologies, share lessons learned, and identify new joint opportunities.  In total, 133 individuals from 9 countries attended the technical workshop.  More than 30 international scientists, technologists, and engineering experts presented PowerPoint slides on topics ranging from advanced coatings and coating removal technologies to fuel cells to lead-free electronics.  This exchange of solutions provided direct and tangible benefit to attendees from academia, defense, and commercial industries, thereby helping meet the mission not only of C3P but key workshop supporters such as the Luso-American Foundation for Development (FLAD) and the Office of Naval Research Global (ONRG).


The workshop began with welcoming comments from General (ret.) Pelagio Castelo Branco, C3P Director General.  Gen. Branco highlighted those partnerships C3P has begun to form with manufacturers, industry associations, universities, and testing and engineering centers of excellence throughout the European Union.  Ms. Olga Dominguez, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Infrastructure, Management, and Headquarters Operations at NASA, discussed how C3P fits into NASA’s desire to benefit from international scientific collaborations.  Prof. Humberto Rosa, Secretary of State for the Environment, highlighted the importance of C3P in providing innovative ideas to better enable Portuguese development and global competition. 


At the workshop, the Israeli Users' Association of Advanced Technologies in Electronics (ILTAM) signed a Cooperation Protocol with C3P.  ILTAM is the first Israeli organization to sign a protocol with C3P and represents an opportunity to leverage key resources and knowledge on validating green technologies.


C3P is an international organization that facilitates partnerships with the scientific & technical community in Portugal, Europe, and the United States to identify and evaluate less hazardous and sustainable materials for use in acquisition, manufacturing and sustaining maintenance processes.  The C3P is recognized by Ministério do Ambiente de Portugal (Portuguese Ministry of Environment), and NASA per the Joint Statement Between NASA and the Portuguese Ministry of the Environment Regarding Cooperation in the Field of Environmental Pollution Prevention Matters, signed on 18 September 2002. 


Support for the workshop was provided by FLAD, ONRG, Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade (Welding and Quality Institute, or ISQ), Instituto de Engenharia Mecânica e Gestão Industrial (Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management Institute, or INEGI), Associação Portuguesa das Empresas do Sector Eléctrico e Electrónico (Portuguese Association of Electric and Electronic Industries, or ANIMEE),  Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (Engineering Faculty of University of Porto, or FEUP), NASA and ITB, Inc. 



Summary Report for 2005 C3P-NASA Technical Workshop


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     September 8, 2005


General Session

Welcome Remarks

C3P - Centro Para Prevenção da Poluição
P. Castelo Branco, C3P
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Olga Dominguez, NASA Headquarters
Ministério do Ambiente, do Ordenamento do Território e do Desenvolvimento Regional
Prof. Humberto Rosa, Secretary of State for the Environment


An Introduction to C3P

Prof. António Brito, Universidade do Minho 
E. Dias Lopes, ISQ 


Green Electronics

Lead-Free Soldering in Europe - Soldertec Roadmap

E. Dias Lopes, ISQ

RoHS Compatible Electronics Boards Design and Assembly in Israel

Moshe Salem, ILTAM

JCAA/JG-PP Lead-Free Solder Testing for High-Reliability Applications

Brian Greene, ITB, Inc.

Automotive Lead-Free Electronics

António Aires, Visteon Corporation

Lead-Free Soldering Situation in Spain

Patricio Aguirre, INASMET


     September 9, 2005

Day 2 Welcome - Keynote Address

Shared Solutions to Environmental Problems on Earth and in Space: Lessons learned from the extremes of Antarctica

Dr. Desmond Lugg, Chief, Medicine of Extreme Environments, NASA

General Session


Low VOC Printing Materials and Technologies

U.S. Printing Industry's Environmental Efforts

Gary Jones, Printing Industries of America/Graphic Arts Technical Foundation 

Indústria Gráfica - Indústria Amiga do Ambiente

Prof. A. Guilhermino Pires, Instituto Politécnico de Tomar

Greening of the Portuguese Printing Industry - Introduction to the National C3P Project

Matthew Rothgeb, ITB, Inc.


Corrosion and Pollution Prevention

An Overview of some of the challenges facing KSC in corrosion management and the NASA/KSC Testbed: a leader in corrosion analysis and testing

Dr. Luz M. Calle, KSC Corrosion Testbed, NASA

NASA/AFSPC AIU Replacement

Joseph Curran, KSC Corrosion Testbed, NASA



Corrosion and Pollution Prevention in Marine Environment

Corrosion in Aluminium Ships: Practical Cases

F. Gomes Lopes, Transtejo

A brief state of the art in EU of ecopaints for ship hull uses

N. Duarte, ISQ

Hempel and the Environment: Painting a Cleaner Future

Alda Confraria, Hempel Portugal



Corrosion and Pollution Prevention in Aeronautics

U.S. Air Force Acquisition Pollution Prevention

Mary Wyderski, F-16 Environmental Program Manager, U.S. Air Force

TAP/OGMA Chrome Systems Replacement Project

E. Dias Lopes, ISQ; Ana Ricardo, TAP Portugal

Air Force / Hill AFB efforts in non-chrome coating systems

Richard Buchi, Hill AFB

U.S. Air Force Space Command efforts/progress in VOC coatings, and non-hazardous chemical strippers

Lt. Lauren Beaumont, Air Force Coatings Technology Integration Office

Environmental Friendly Pre-treatments for Aluminium Alloys

Ana Cabral, ISQ/ISEL



Parallel Session 1 - LEADOUT Infodays


Margarida Pinto, ISQ

Presentation of the LEADOUT Project

Margarida Pinto, ISQ

National Transposition of the EC Directives WEEE & RoHS

Tereza Silva, ANIMEE

Lead-Free Overview on Wave Soldering

Ian Wilding, Henkel

Pb free & Low VOC Soldering Process Implementation at Pioneer

Micael Santos, Pioneer

LEADOUT and the Benchmarking importance on the production reliability of electronic products

Helder Ferreira, Crossline

Status on SME Lead Free Soldering Implementation in Europe and their Concerns - ELFENET & LEADOUT Projects

Sandra Estanislau, ISQ

Lead-Free Overview on Reflow

Ian Wilding, Henkel


Parallel Session 2
P2 and the Automotive Industry (INEGI Projects)

Hydrogen and Fuel-Cells for a more sustainable future

José Luís Alexandre, INEGI/FEUP

Biodegradable non-toxic lubricants for automotive applications

Jorge Seabra, INEGI/FEUP


P2 and Sustainability (INEGI Projects)

Environment and Energy-Two sides of the same coin. INEGI's contribution to a sustainable future

F. Mota Torres, INEGI

Development of new Polymer Concretes with recycled materials

António Ferreira, INEGI/FEUP


P2 and Sustainability (ISQ Projects)

Paving the way for sustainable development at ISQ

Lobato Faria, ISQ

Water management of transboundary catchments

Marco Estrela, ISQ

Environmental friendly helicopter

Aristides Chaves, ISQ


Innovative Depainting and Surface Preparation Technologies

Sponge Jet Surface Preparation Technology

Ian A. Robson, Sponge-Jet

Liquid Nitrogen Depainting

Dr. Howard Hume, Nitrocision

Induction Paint Removal technology

Tom Arne Baann, RPR AS Alveberg






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